• Kindergarten(Required)
    1. Golden Apple Montessori International Kindergarten
    2. Golden Apple Emile Kindergarten(Dongpo Campus)
    3. Golden Apple Bontop International Kindergarten
    4. Golden Apple Enchanted Forest Kindergarten
    5. Golden Apple Wanda City Kindergarten
    6. Golden Apple Montessori Kindergarten
    7. Golden Apple Aidi Kindergarten
    8. Golden Apple Kindergarten (Zigong Campus)
    9. Magic Forest Kindergarten
    10. Golden Apple Emile Kindergarten(South Campus)
    11. Golden Apple Agile Community Kindergarten
    12. Golden Apple Tianfu International Preschool and Kindergarten
    13. Golden Apple Jinguan New City Kindergarten
    14. Golden Apple International Preschool and Kindergarten
    15. Golden Apple Riverside New World Kindergarten
    16. Golden Apple South City Sunshine Kindergarten
    17. Golden Apple New Montessori Kindergarten (Nanyuan)
    18. Golden Apple Shengfei Kindergarten
    19. Golden Apple Zhonghai City Kindergarten
    20. Golden Apple Poly City Kindergarten
    21. Golden Apple Lido Garden City Kindergarten
    22. Golden Apple Emile Kindergarten(DUJIANGYAN)
    23. Golden Apple Poly Forest Kindergarten
    24. Golden Apple Overseas Chinese Town Kindergarten
    25. Golden Apple Zhonghai International Community Kindergarten
    26. Golden Apple Dragon Bay Peninsula Kindergarten
    27. Golden Apple West Garden Kindergarten
    28. Golden Apple Olympic Garden Kindergarten
    29. Golden Apple Jiulixi Kindergarten
    30. Golden Apple Bowen Kindergarten
    31. Golden Apple Emerald City Kindergarten
    32. Golden Apple Kingland Kindergarten
    33. Golden Apple Land Good Kindergarten
    34. Golden Apple Glamorous City Kindergarten
    35. Golden Apple Sunshine Homestead Kindergarten
    36. Golden Apple Emile Kindergarten(East Campus)
    37. Golden Apple New Montessori Kindergarten (Jincheng Lake)
    38. Golden Apple Flower Island Kindergarten
    39. Golden Apple Chengdu Garden Multiple Intelligences Kindergarten
    40. Golden Apple Eldo International Kindergarten
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1、Appointment system is a new type of family-school interaction which is mainly used for submitting information and queries and cannot be used as a proof of Enrollment. Our staff will contact you at a proper time to book a visit appointment or to discuss procedures of enrollment. Parents should file application based on kindergarten requirements and pay fees in order to officially get your children enrolled.

2、Please fill in true information on the appointment form above, and click “submit”. If submit successfully, the system will show “Thank you for your support and trust in Golden Apple. Your appointment has been submitted successfully and we will contact you ASAP.”

3、Please be rest-assured that we will keep your information confidentially. If you have any special demands or other concerns, please specify in “Notes” box.

4、The Appointment system is on testing stage. We will contact you soon after receiving your information. If you haven’t received any of our responses in 24 hours, feel free to contact kindergarten or dial 028-85188240.